WTF is a Sabbatical?

For me, it’s 20 days off from work

Going on sabbatical scares me a little. In a prior professional life we all used to say, ‘if you can take two weeks off at once, we don’t need you.’

Now I’m taking 20 workdays off from work all at once. Wow.

I’ve decided to hike. This has been a plan for several months. When K2 and I first fell in love during our whirlwind courtship, we realized we both loved the outdoors.

Before we decided to live together, we backpacked. Live in a tent together first, see what happens, then cohabitate. Some free advice, y’all.

When we got married, we did a brief honeymoon because we had already started planning Appalachian Trail Adventure 2018. We will hike from Springer Mountain, GA to Hot Springs, NC.

I have been in a hiking club for 10 years now. We don’t hike as much as we used to though and we never we super serious. To be honest it was more of a drinking club with a hiking problem. [Fugowies Forevah!]

I have a home-based yoga practice and according to my Fitbit I’m in “excellent” shape for my age – whatever that means. Still I expect this trip to stress me in ways entirely different from the day-to-day stress of the life I lead today. Isn’t that the point of a sabbatical?

I want to be challenged and tap a new wellspring of resilience I can bring back with me. Hey, at least it won’t add any weight to my pack.

It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. – Sir Edmund Hillary

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