Good dirty vs Bad dirty

Soon I will be showing sporadically. I will also be outside most of the time, hiking an average of 13 miles a day, and sleeping pretty close to the dirt.

How will I stay tidy?

We will drive the car up the trail, shuttle back, then hike to meet the car a few times during our trek. When we meet the car, we will be off trail, in civilization. There will be hot showers – perhaps even baths!

While on the trail, the AT offers plentiful water sources. Sometimes this is in the form of a shower at an outdoor center, cabin, or hostel. Other times I will be at the trail water source wiping off the layer of sweat and grime before crawling into my sleeping bag. This is what makes it an adventure!

Carrying a pack stocked with toiletries helps keep the dirt layer from tattooing itself permanently to my body. BUT I don’t want to carry so much that I add a bunch of weight. I’ve prepared one ditty bag for the car and another for my pack.

My pack ditty contains essentials like toothpaste, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, anti-chafing balm, Desitin (for blisters not diaper rash), Dr Bronner’s soap, and Bert’s Bees wipes that I’ve dried out and will rehydrate on the trail.

It might need more editing because it currently weighs 1lb 1oz – 17oz. But it has more than simply items to fight dirt. There’s moleskin, Leukotape, Advil, turmeric supplements, earplugs, and other TOTALLY essential items I can’t see clear to part with at this time. Hey, I am leaving the SheWee at home, folks. Ok, yeah, maybe I’ll bring that too.

The car ditty has back stock to refill my pack ditty. I am curious to learn what items actually get restocked and what items stay in the car.

If you’re dirty, what in this world isn’t?! – Fuyumi Soryo

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