When it rains, let it rain

Rain on the trail?

  • Keeps down the dust – there’s a lot of people hiking their own hike on this trail: over 600 thru-hikers started by March 4th
  • Brings out the colors – the fallen acorns, the moss, the lichen, the rocks – they come alive shellacked with water
  • Eventually stops!

Tuesday the rain lasted into the afternoon. It lightened up enough around mid day for us to take a 10-min snack break past Ramrock Mountain.

Then the rain and wind turned fierce at Woody Gap where I experienced my first “trail magic” from a tradesman, Bones. Since he couldn’t work in this weather, he brought fried chicken, pepperoni pizza, Twix, Sprite, and beer to the parking lot by GA 60. He even let us warm up inside his truck.

For those interested about what I ate: ok, yeah, I picked the pepperoni off and scarfed away. It was therapeutic.

With trail magic fueling us we climbed about 400′ to Preaching Rock where the weather started to shift.

After an 8.2 mile day we arrived at Lance Creek with plenty of time to set up our tent, let our gear air out, and have dinner. Scotty Roo rolled through and had tea with us after dinner. Jonathan camped across the trail from us and let us put our food bag up with his PCT-style to keep the bears away.


  • The light at sunset and sun rise by the creek
  • The perfect fallen tree “privy”
  • Jono giving pointers to Scotty Roo on the Zpacks Duplex tent
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